Thulasi Silver Cap Mala – 8mm


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Thulasi Silver Cap Mala – 8mm

Thulasi Mala, crafted from the sacred basil plant, holds spiritual significance in Hinduism. Wearing it is believed to invoke blessings from deities like Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, fostering spiritual well-being. This rosary aids meditation, facilitating focus and deepening practice. Tulsi’s purifying properties cleanse the aura and surroundings, conducive to spiritual pursuits. With reputed medicinal properties, it may promote general health and stress relief. Considered protective, it guards against negative energies. Its aroma induces relaxation, and believers attest to enhanced energy and vitality. While benefits are subjective, Thulasi Mala remains a revered symbol of devotion and spirituality in Hindu culture.

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